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Why I will succeed

05.07.11 - 15 comments

These are the things that will define my life.

I feel that every day, I figure out something that I didn’t completely grasp before. Today, I realized that success comes from identifying the things that truly matter to you.

What matters the most to me, is making my parents proud of what I do.

I’m blessed to have such great parents who do everything they can to get out of my way and hand me all the possible tools to flourish. There are a lot of people in the world who don’t receive as many chances as I do, and I’d feel incredibly bad if I were to waste the opportunities my parents present to me.

I feel that, even though I make radical decisions that aren’t exactly aligned with their vision of my future, my family is extremely proud of what I’m doing, the risks I take and the things I’m trying to achieve. Just now, I realized that the fire burning inside me, that’s constantly pushing me to go harder, faster and stronger, is in fact fueled by a virtuous circle. (Yes, I just quoted Daft Punk)

I will exploit every chance they give me and I will succeed, because I want to make them proud. Making them and myself proud, will again fuel that same fire burning inside me.

I want to be remarkable.

These are the moments that will define my life. Without them, life will lack the meaning that makes it worth living. Some day my life will come to an end, and I want to look back on a life filled with the satisfaction that comes from knowing I’ve exhausted my potential and achieved the dreams that haunted me in my youth.

6 years ago, I was a slacker. A time-waster, a procrastinator. A typical high-school student.
After high-school and after shortly going through the employment system my parents have been in for dozens of years, I discovered my calling.
I noticed that even though it’s immensely difficult to create the discipline required to sustain focus, once I found out about my passion for entrepreneurship, soon enough that focus became a part of my character.

When all your mental and emotional resources are fixed upon your goal, the sleepless nights and the extra hours don’t bother you, they inspire yet more effort. I now understand that this is what has kept others from success and it is what will make success so sweet.

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

I’m trying to set out boldly, because I know that no one is going to come and hand me my dreams. With the first taste of success, I realized that the possibilities were higher than I first imagined. I reevaluate, reconsider, and my ambitions evolve. The first realization of success becomes the motivating factor for even greater accomplishment.

Old friends begin to look at me differently. I can see it in their eyes, and notice it in the way I feel, the newfound conviction in my mind. I’m doing something most people never get the chance of doing, I’m living life on my terms – and they can see it.

The truth about achieving the things we want isn’t elegant and profound, it’s harsh and it’s ugly. Success comes from a level of effort that slackers are unwilling to entertain and a level of focus that procrastinators are unable to sustain.

I’m going to show my parents how great I am.

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15 Responses to “Why I will succeed”

  1. Liam

    Great little article, rings true with the journey I am currently on.

    Many thanks,


  2. Jacob Sokol

    Stay hungry. Stay foolish. And stay humble!

    Congratz bro.

  3. Ghislaine Bovy

    Love that post Davy!

  4. Anonymous friend

    I love the post, it’s bold, but i guess that confidence is exactly what you’ll need.
    You’re inspiring other people close to you (i’m proof), who dream of accomplishing the same: living life to the fullest, by doing what they love.

    I’ll be chasing in your footsteps!

    • Davy Kestens

      Hmz, now I’m stuck wondering who you are :D
      Thanks for the kind comment though!

  5. Murray Lunn

    Hey Davy,

    Figure I’d swing on by and check out your personal blog. Looks excellent and awesome content by the way.

    I know what you mean about repetition. I wish, in my high school days, that I had been building great habits but I was off wasting time. I look back at how much I missed out on in terms of chasing after goals but that’s the past and not much we can do about it besides progress forward and kick ass.

    I’m in the same boat as yourself. Had plenty of ventures start up and die off but we’ve both hit our stride. These new ventures is the ticket to wild momentum. You’re rockin’ it dude.

    It really isn’t ‘work’ like people complain about because when you build it into a great habit and love what you’re doing than it becomes something extremely exciting to wake up to and get yourself motivated to tackle each day.

    I’m sure you feel the same way: It’s interesting to see how people have evolved since just a few years ago in High School. Some have stayed behind. Others are far out a head but there is definitely that different kind of look from your good friends; they see what you’re up to and you can both tell that something is about to be incredible.

    You’re gonna do it man. Keep at it!

    • Davy Kestens

      Hey Murray, my top writer! :)
      Thank you for your words of encouragement!
      There’s this great quote from Richard Branson saying “never cry over spilt milk”;
      Failing at projects are the best ways to learn something new.

  6. Suneel Jain

    some lines touched my heart… good feelings

  7. Ash

    Wow, um, just reading this has just turned on a cartoon light bulb above my head. Really inspirational and motivational post.

    I always knew the sort of thing I wanted to do, but without actually knowing why I wanted to do it i found it hard to focus and dedicate myself to it. You’ve made me re-think what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, just by reading this post.

    Sorry if that is a bit gushy but it’s real shit! Cheers dude.

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  9. It is a fresh of breath air that I came across your website today. What you are saying is exactly how I feel. “Today I realised something that I didn’t grasp before!” Brilliant line because that is exactly how it happens. You take the steps towards wanting to achieve something, you try, you learn a little, you go away but when you come back again it seems to become even more clearer than before.

    “You can achieve everything if you just put your heart and mind into it.” – I too used to think that was rubbish until I started to apply myself. It is amazing the amount of opportunities I then started to discover, I say discover but I mean notice. The opportunities are always present, they are a gift for us all, we just have to choose to see them or ignore them.

    Although I may still only be in the starting stages of my internet startup, I know I will succeed simply by the fact that it is what I am setting myself up to do. It is what I love, the web is what I love, being creative and thinking about business ventures is what I dream of everyday in my wonderland.

    I’m not unique but I am part of a small bunch of youngsters who are seeing the internet for what it really is, an opportunity. There is nothing stopping you today, or tomorrow, only yesterdays thought patterns.

    (That last line was not a quote, that was me, not sure if I have ever heard that before… lol)

  10. Dieter Vander Velpen

    “Success comes from a level of effort that slackers are unwilling to entertain and a level of focus that procrastinators are unable to sustain.” Love this quote – so true. Extremely inspirational article!

  11. Jan


  12. paul

    it’s nice and all,
    just a kind of shame that you know the rules by which your life will be governed at aged 20.
    is there anything left to learn, young man?

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