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About Davy Kestens

Who am I?

Hello world! I am Davy Kestens and, like many internet savvies out there, I work in different yet very exciting online endeavours that I’m very passionate about. To name just a few, I started out as a web designer and am now the founder of multiple online businesses and websites. Did I mention that I’m a proud Belgian (yum yum…chocolates and beer) and an occasional blogger?! And, hey, my biggest strength of all is that I’m relentless about making life work for me.
Here, at, you will find unusual articles about business, web design, web development, my personal projects, money management tips, and everything related to my first steps towards living a geographically independent life.

For as long as I can remember, I have been working with computers and the internet. At the age of 13, I won a local web-design competition which got me in the national newspapers. This was a real boost to my self-confidence and paved the way for my future online life. After that, I started creating websites for some local companies. When I finished high school in 2008, I received an amazing opportunity to work as a creative director. (A rather fancy title for such a young boy)
Soon enough, I realized that the fancy title was just a title! So, one and a half-year later, I quit my job at the company and went to college.

While in college, I was attending multiple networking events such as Betagroup and WeStartup, but I had also set up my own “Business”-coffeeclub for the students of my course who are interested in starting their own business.
In March 2010, I signed up for a public speaking course and now I’m speaking at multiple events about my businesses, entrepreneurship for students, networking and freelancing in college.

Look at what John Beckett said about one of my presentations:

One of the best marketing presentations our there by @davykestens from #bizcampbe

My motto in life…

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity” Will Smith

That’s my favorite motto and I love it simply because it’s very truthful. Think about it: It’s unrealistic to create an iron box and use it to fly in the air. It’s unrealistic to walk on the moon and it’s unrealistic to flip a switch and the light turns on.

If you can’t live your life to the fullest and make every moment rewarding and enjoyable, what’s the point?!
People who are frustrated, depressed, and unfulfilled are crippled by rigid rules dictating how they should live their lives.  I made a decisive decision NEVER to be one of them! It’s the chances and the risks that we take that make life worth living.
Imagine if we live in a utopia where everything was available at our fingertips and life was very predictable: no challenges, no uncertainties, and today is carbon copy of yesterday! I bet life would be boring to tears.
Being challenged and motivated is a basic part of human nature. If we weren’t progressive and hungry for making the so-called impossible possible, we would be still living in caves!

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